Located in Ohaton, Alberta, Willow Way is home to approximately 80 head of quality purebred Clydesdale horses.

The breeding program has been developed over the past 40 + years by obtaining horses with true clydesdale character from across North America & the UK. Over 30 head of choice Clydesdales have been imported over the years, including mares, stallions & geldings. Most of the horses on the farm today trace back to the imported stallions Torrs Quick Silver, Torrs Cup Winner & Torrs Jubilant.

Perhaps one of the most significant acts to elevate the standard of breeding at Willow Way was with the lease of the World Champion stallion Live Oak Omega. There are 2 sons currently standing at stud, as well as an outstanding collection of daughters, all who have proven to be the pillars of our current breeding program.

We compete with a 6 horse hitch of mares, and a selection of halter horses annually.
There is always a good selection of horses for sale, from foals to show/hitch prospects, bred mares to stallion prospects. We enjoy following the success of our horses that were raised here at Willow Way, and share in the pride of their accomplishments with their new owners.

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2012 Canadian "Proven" Mare
Willow Way Chanel
2012 Canadian "Shown" Mare
Willow Way Jolie
Chanel was awarded the title "Best of Show" at the 2005 Calgary Stampede, 7 years later (2012) Jolie was presented with the same award.
Click here to see Jolie on her 'Victory Lap' at Stampede.

We are proud to have bred, raised & shown these 2 fine mares, and are pleased to announce that Chanel is the 2012 Proven Mare, awarded to the mare whose Progeny stands highest at the Royal Winter Fair. Jolie & her half sister, Willow Way Mhorita (x Majestic Dream's Royal Prince) were both shown at the 2012 RAWF, winning both of their classes and placing 1st in the Progeny of Dam class. Chanel herself was featured as the "Shown" mare back in 2006.

Jolie was named the "Shown" Mare after winning the Best Canadian Owned & Bred title at the Royal.

Left Lead: Maplewood Kit's Kelly
Right Lead: O'Villa Lady Victoria
Left Swing: Love's Solomon's Cilagh
Right Swing: Karvelton Fairnington Covergirl
Left Wheel: Willow Way Annette
Right Wheel: Willow Way Dominique
© Willow Way Clydesdales
© Willow Way Clydesdales