Mare 6 at the 2012 Central Alberta Draft Horse Classic
RW: Covergirl, LW: Sunflower, RS: Janine, LS: Integra, RL: Honey, LL: Kelly
Mare 4 at the 2012 Central Alberta Draft Horse Classic
RW: Covergirl, LW: Sunflower, RL: Honey, LL: Kelly
Jolie taking her Best of Show victory lap at the 2012 Calgary Stampede
Somebody has always got to be different, in this case it's Adrien breaking the pattern.Annette with Kamille at her side.Bacardi during a fall sunset.Buddies Bacardi & ZoomA multi-talented mare, Bella was sold as a riding & driving clyde.Willow Way Beth raising her stud foal & an orphaned filly.Fiona's filly escaping the summer heat in the trees.Horton during a winter photoshoot.Our donkey foal Delilah with the Omega mare Chelsea.Jolie enjoying her turnout.Mhorita showing off for the camera.Chanel with minutes old Mhorita.Kanga & JosieKelso interested in having his picture taken.Mares & foals on summer pasture.A group of broodmares.Breaking mare Sarah (left hand horse) taking Prince out for a spin, or is it the other way around?Practicing at home.Our unicorn at Olds, Janine (RW), Integra (LW) with Kelly out front.The mares crossing the flooded creek, spring 2011.Kelly enjoying the winter sunshine.Mares Belle, Cynthia & Gillian.2011 fillies.2 Horton foals competing for a blade of grass.2nd place ladies team, Stampede 2012. Sunflower on the left, Covergirl on the right.Our 4 at Olds 2010. Gillian (RW), Covergirl (LW), Victoria (RL), Heaven (LL)Mares on pasture, 2011.A young gelding taking a break, enjoying the scenery.Young mares on pastureThe handsome Deighton ZoomGillian (right hand side) & CovergirlHill Topper Diamond's Lilly.Kelly at StampedeBroodmares during the spring thaw.Stallion & 3 Mares Class, Austin 2004Lydie
Video of Majestic Dream's Royal Prince

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Willow Way Jamaica in the Mare Cart Class at the 2013 Central Alberta Draft Horse Classic
The unicorn videod from the footboard of the wagon