The Twins of Willow Way
The mare Westerdale Pearl was purchased in foal to our stallion Willow Way Bacardi in the fall of 2013.

On May 3rd, 2014 what we experienced was simply a miracle. Pearl's  foal alert went off at 3:15 am and she gave birth to a perfectly marked bay filly at 3:30. When Pearl got up we gave the filly a bottle of colostrum which she drank quickly. In the meantime Pearl laid down to rest, we got her up after a little bit to get the hungry filly more colostrum. After two bottles we had a content sleepy filly.

Pearl went down again and this time started rolling, so our initial thought was post foaling colic. Upon getting her up, we seen two feet sticking out - we looked at each other in disbelief as our minds switched gears into "disaster mode."
Pearl proceeded to lay back down and we helped her deliver her second filly which was amazingly another perfect presentation - this time at 4:30 am.

This girl (who would be known as "Little") was just as hungry & spry as her sister, but had a bit of difficulty standing so was assisted for the first few hours of her life to get up. Besides a bit of help that morning, Little & Big have never looked back. 

As the days went on, it was amazing to see how these two girls did everything at the same time - eating, sleeping & playing.

Not only have "the Littles" thrived, but "Big"  (Willow Way Opal) is now one of the tallest of her age. While "Little" (Willow Way Ola) is of average height within the group of 2014 fillies.

We are incredibly lucky to have this outcome, and are truly thankful for two healthy and very correct fillies.
We hope you enjoy their pictures.
The twins a few days old, their first day outside.
Click the album below for pictures of the twins from just a few hours old to a year and a half old.
May 3rd, 2014. The fillies shortly after birth, with a tired Pearl standing over them.A few hours oldA few weeks old, sharing supper with Pearl."Big Little""Little Little"Big at a few months oldLittle at a few months oldThe twins at 5 months oldPhoto taken December 2015