Willow Way is home to the largest number of Live Oak Omega daughters.
A true once in a lifetime type of mare, Chanel has proven herself in the showring as well as a broodmare. Her accomplishments include, but are not limited to the following
  • Supreme Horse at Calgary Stampede '05
  • Res. Champion Mare at the RAWF, Toronto ON '05
  • Dam of the 2 time All-Canadian stallion, Willow Way Ideal (2010 & 2011) and World Champion Mare, as well as All-American & All-Canadian 2 year old, Willow Way Jolie
  • Undefeated progeny of dam at Olds AB & Calgary Stampede in '10 & '11
Chanel had a bay Kelso filly in 2015 & is rebred to Kelso for 2016.

Willow Way Chanel
Live Oak Omega x Maple Stone Sensational Jewel (x Doura Sensation)
Willow Way Annette
Torrs Quicksilver x Hatfield Duchess (x Live Oak Commander)

Maplewood Kit's Kelly
Cristal's Moses x Maplewood Kit (x Solomon's Commodore)
Kelly was used for 4 years on the left lead with her mate O'Villa Lady Victoria. They were the leaders in the World Champion Mare 6.
Kelly was the winner in the all-breeds mare cart class at the Calgary Stampede in 06, 07 & 08
Just when we thought she could be retired, we used Kelly in the lead in 2012. 
Kelly had a dark bay filly by Zoom in 2015 & will be bred to Firestone in 2016.

Willow Way Heaven
Monty of Woodland x Willow Way Carmen (x Torrs Quicksilver)
Heaven was sold as a foal to Legacy Stables, who showed her to receive  first place 2 yr old & Jr. Champion Mare at the Calgary Stampede. Shortly after Calgary, we purchased her back and used her for 2 years in the lead. Her dam is one of the foundation mares here, and has produced many top quality fillies.
Heaven has had 2 big bay colt sired by Kelso in 2014 & 2015, we repeated the breeding and she is due to foal in the spring of 2016.
Annette's dam line is one of the strongest and most influential on the farm to date. Four generations can be found in our pastures, from her dam to Annette's grandsons & grand daughters.
Annette's many accomplishments include
  • Champion Mare Calgary Stampede & Supreme Clydesdale,
2002 & 2003
  • Wheel mare of World Champion Clydesdale Mare 6, 2007
Annette is in foal to Deighton Zoom for 2016.

For a full list of pedigrees, please click here and here.
Willow Way Farrah
Torrs Cup Winner x Willow Way Annette (x Torrs Quicksilver)

Maple View Lexi
Greendykes Sunset x Maple View Penny (x Torrs Jubilant)
Towerview Sunflower
Armbro Jack x Towerview Ainsley Supreme (x Benedictine Gold Nugget)
Willow Way Journey
Zorra Highland Captain x Maple Stone Sensational Jewel (x Doura Sensation)
Farrah is a daughter of the great Annette, sired by Torrs Cup Winner. Farrah herself was unshown, however she has proven her worth as a broodmare with offpsring that are winning in the show ring & have been contributing to our breeding program.  She stamps all of her foals with tremendous size, long necks, quality joints and attitude. Farrah is the dam to Jorja, Kelso, Lettie (all sired by Bacardi) & Nutmeg (sired by Ideal)
Farrah will be bred in 2016 to Willow Way Firestone.

Lexi was purchased in 2009 as a hitch prosepect, she was in the swing of the 6 and was the highlight of the bunch.  Lexi had a very stretchy filly by Calico Great Galaxy in 2015 & is bred to Firestone for 2016.
A big stretchy mare, Sunflower stands 18.1 hands, and was used in the wheel of the 2012 hitch. She was shown successfully in Ontario and stood 7th in the 3 year old class at the 2011 World Show.
Sunflower had a bay filly by Kelso in 2015 & is bred the same way for 2016.
The last foal out of the foundation mare Maple Stone Sensational Jewel, Journey arrived in this world upside down & backwards. We are lucky to have this filly in our broodmare band, along with her half sister Chanel, we hope that she will continue on the legacy started by her dam.
Journey is in foal to Kelso for 2016.
Willow Way Fashion
Monty of Woodland x Willow Way Carmen (x Torrs Quicksilver)
Fashion (pictured as a yearling) was shown successfully on halter before taking the position of the wheel in our 2009 Six. This six placed 3rd in the World Champion class at the Calgary Stampede, a great accomplishment in an open class of all breeds.
This big 18+ hand mare has an excellent producing mother line and Fashion has followed suit in producing two perfect marked colts for us. She has a very floaty gait, a trait in most Monty of Woodland offspring, which she has passed to her progeny - both colts are very natural, excellent moving prospects.
Fashion foaled her first filly in 2015, a bay roan with a ton of character & quality by Zoom. She is bred back to Zoom for 2016.
Westerdale Selma
Hatfield Elite x Westerdale Paula (x C.I.E. Perfection)
Westerdale Pearl
C.I.E. Perfection x Westerdale Jewel  (x Green Leaf Famous Amos)
Westerdale Sweet Caitlyn
Thistle Ridge Eaton Vision x Westerdale Sweet Lena  (x C.I.E. Perfection)
Selma was purchased in December of 2012 at the Westerdale reduction sale. She easily wears a 10.5" front shoe,  her neat & tidy pastern completes the package, making her the most extreme bottomed mare we've ever seen. This combined with her action, presence  & pedigree made her an easy pick at the sale.
She was shown in 2013 and received the "Best of Show" title at the Central Alberta Draft Horse Classic. Selma was also named the All-Canadian Yeld mare in 2013.
Selma is in foal to Kelso for 2016.
Although the circumstances were unfortunate, we were honoured to be given the opportunity to purchase Pearl along with Caitlyn from the Westerdale breeding program. They have incredible depth of pedigree, with Pearl being a daughter of the great C.I.E. Perfection & Caitlyn a granddaughter who was out of a great line of mares - her granddam Westerdale Sweet Melody was out of the imported horses Doura Sweet Bloom &  Bardrill Strathmore. They are both fine examples of the Westerdale program, complete with Dale's trademark of superb bottoms.
We are looking forward to the future with these 2 incredible mares, they will be adding that much more quality to our mare herd.
  • Pearl foaled out twin fillies sired by Bacardi in May of 2014 much to our surprise. What should have been a disaster turned into a 2-for-1 deal. For more information on "The Twins" click here. Pearl was given the next year off from foaling, and is now in foal to Willow Way Nightlight for 2016.
  • Caitlyn had a big, drafty Kelso filly in 2015. She is bred to Deighton Zoom for 2016.

Willow Way Imagine
Danny Boy Master Don x Willow Way Hayley (x Torrs Quicksilver)
Willow Way Jade
Zorra Highland Captain x Willow Way Coral (x Live Oak Omega)
Jade is a mare that combines the top bloodlines at Willow Way. If not for showing Jolie, Jade would have been shown on halter a little more extensively. While Jade was owned by Frank Pfannenstiel, she was shown as a 2 year old at the Denver Stock Show where she won her class and was Res. Champ Mare.
Jade had a nice colt by Calico Great Galaxy in 2015 & is bred to Kelso fo 2016.

Image is a big drafty young mare, standing a strong 18 hands. She has the quality hair so often found in the Master Don offspring, with exceptional bottoms and a strong topline.
Image had a very sharp Bacardi filly in 2015 & is bred to Deighton Zoom for 2016.
Maple Stone Sweet Emilee
Hewal Benefactor x Langbank Sweet Perfection  (x C.I.E. Perfection)
Maple Stone Verna Rochelle
Maple Stone Excel x Millisle Verna  (x Millisle Perfection)
2S Maxton's Foxy Lady
Maple Stone Stuart Maxton  x Live Oak Darby  (x Northwest Glenord's Shea)
Faydar Lexie
Cranbrook Joe Black  x Faydar Vicki  (x Brunt-Hill Ted)
Emilee, along with Rochelle & Foxy Lady are the newest additions to the broodmare band, all purchased from Monty Thomson of Gladstone Manitoba. When these mares were kindly offered by Monty, we jumped at the opportunity to bring these fantastic genetics to Willow Way.
Emilee is bred to Zorra Highland Designer for 2016.
Rochelle is out of the fantastic imported mare, Millisle Verna. Rochelle exudes clyde character, and is everything we look for in a great broodmare. She is the dam to the 2015 Res. All-Canadian 2 year old colt Hatfield Winchester.
Rochelle is bred to Zorra Highland Designer for 2016.
We couldn't pass up the opportunity to add a daughter of the classy mare, Live Oak Darby to our breeding operation. Foxy Lady passes on her wonderful length of neck and slick hock to her offspring.
She is bred to Zorra Highland Designer for 2016.
Lexie was purchased in the spring of 2014 as a hitch prospect. She has been shown the past two years, in the swing of the 6 in 2014 & the wheel of the 4 in 2015. She also made her halter debut at Calgary where she was named Reserve Champion mare.
She is a highly animated and very feminine mare, we look forward to seeing what she produces.
Lex is in foal to Kelso for 2016.